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About Us


Mael s.r.l. was formed in 1999 by the company’s current owner, drawing on his many years of experience in the sector of furniture and furnishing.

The company’s headquarters is at the heart of the so-called “Chair Triangle”, an area which has over the years become hugely important to the furniture sector and which, though tiny in size, contains many manufacturers of chairs and the relative components and semi-finished components– both in wood and in versions for office use – and other accessories.

The company’s production facility extends over an area of 3,000 m2, of which 2,000 m2 are occupied by offices, the warehouse and the workshop. The company’s ten employees – office staff and skilled workers – work under the supervision of the company’s sole director.

The company outsources components from some of the many third-party companies who have operated in the local area for many years, and can in this way guarantee to meet all its commitments by the agreed deadline even when its internal production process is working at full capacity.

Since its very founding, the company has focused mainly on the export market, steadily acquiring knowledge and experience, especially in Eastern Europe.

This approach to the business has led to the founding of the company’s new production facility in Bosnia, which produces components in multilayer beech, including seats, backrests, shells and structures for divans and sofas. This has enabled Mael to maintain its competitive edge while at the same time continuing to use wood for give their more economical models the same solid structure.

Over the last few years, Mael has consolidated its domestic sales network, which serves specialist office furniture dealers throughout Italy, and the Mstyle brand name continues to gain customer recognition.

The aim of the company is to offer its clientèle a comprehensive range of models, from the more economical ‘entry level’ items to chairs in the medium-high range, but all certified and fully guaranteed to protect both the dealer and the end user.